Welcome to the website of artist Philip Stein, aka Estaño / 1919 - 2009.
Assistant to David Alfaro Siqueiros from 1948 to 1958

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MARK VALLEN is one of those rare individuals who fits within a great tradition - the artist who creates images based on social observation and empathy for common people. Proficient in painting, drawing, and printmaking, this Los Angeles artist is a unique chronicler of the American experience and an accomplished social realist for the early 21st century.

MEXICAN FINE ARTS CENTER MUSEUM of Chicago, Illinois, recently acquired for its permanent collection a painting by Philip Stein titled, Mother and Child. The artwork portrays victims of the Korean war and was exhibited in Mexico City in August 1953. Serious researchers may contact the museum Registrar/Permanent Collection Director, Rebecca D. Meyers, for more info (312) 738-1509 x119. The museum is located at 1852 W. 19th St., Chicago, IL 60608.

XISPAS is the exciting new online journal for Chicano culture, art, and politics. It is entertaining but not entertainment. Xispas deals with ideas, culture, history, books, opinions, and so much more. Plus, the journal houses a terrific arts section.

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